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Manual de Intervenção Urbana
(Urban Intervention Manual)
Eduardo Srur

Published in 2012, by BEI Editora publishing house, book Manual de Intervenção Urbana (Urban Intervention Manual), by visual artist Eduardo Srur, is now availablein e-book format to all interested parties. The digital version is free available to the public at large can read it and perform online searches.

The book’s first edition was sold out in 2014. This work tells the history of his more than 16-year long career and contextualizes each one of his interventions, showing how they were undertaken and the impact they have had on the city.

“I got interestedin this project because the physical book was sold out and a lot of people said they wanted to read it. In a certain way, it is like my interventions: everybody now can see and have access to it. The book offers ordinary people the possibility of taking a new look at the urban landscape around us”
explained Eduardo Srur.

In this e-book, web surfers will have the chance to read about the conception and repercussions of artworks such as PETS, from 2008, which involved the installation of 20 giant sculptures bottles along the Tietê River’s banks; Survival (Sobrevivência), also launched in 2008, when the artist placed life jackets in sixteen monuments around the city in order to “visually reactivate elements of history, architecture and social conviviality in the city”, according to Srur; Bandit Bull (Touro Bandido), an unauthorized interventionin the Cow Parade cows, and Arts Saves (A Arte Salva), from 2011, in which 360 buoys were thrown on the pond in front of the National Congress, in Brasília, among other unforgettable actions performed by Srur.

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