Âncora (Anchor) is a non-authorized intervention on the Monument to the Bandeiras in São Paulo. Nicknamed “Empurra-Empurra” (sort of “Heave-ho”, after the figures shown pushing and pulling boats ashore), the monument was sculpted in granite by Victor Brecheret and inaugurated in 1954.

I built an old ship’s anchor and installed it, in broad daylight, on the modernist monument, a symbol of São Paulo’s development.

Despite not having approval from City Hall, the anchor was left where it was for three whole weeks. Ironically, when I went to remove the anchor, I was prevented from doing so by the Police, on the grounds that I was tampering with a city landmark.

Technical specification

EVA rubber, wood, asphalt, iron powder, sisal fiber and wire rope 2.50 x 0.50 x 3.20 m

Monument to the Bandeiras
São Paulo, 2004