Bicicletas (Bicycles) was an installation consisting of 50 bikes strung up on wire rope and nylon string inside the hanger-like space of the Júlio Prestes train station. The bicycles used in the exhibition were mostly antiques from the Caloi Museum, created by the country’s first bike manufacturer.

Júlio Prestes Station, alongside Luz Station, was the cradle of the Brazilian railroad and of the city’s urban growth. Though heritage-listed today, the station is in urgent need of restoration. Assembling the installation near the large window ensured a large supply of natural light, transforming the visual effect during the day.

Flying bicycles are a staple of popular imagination and the aim of this work was to reactivate the public gaze in relation to the historic local architecture.

Technical specification

50 bycicles, wire rope, nylon string

Molina Remix Exhibition
Sesc Paulista
São Paulo, 2008

Photo: Fernando Huck

Dreams and Nightmares Exhibition
Júlio Prestes Station
São Paulo, 2013

Photo: Tche Ruggi

Exhibition's bike ride

Photo: Tche Ruggi