The intervention Carruagem (Carriage) was intended to incite people to address the issue of mobility in large urban centers.

Consisting of a replica of an Imperial carriage and four life-size horse sculptures, the intervention was installed nearly thirty meters up the mast of the Octávio Frias de Oliveira Bridge on the Pinheiros expressway in São Paulo.

The work compared the average speed at which a car travels during the São Paulo rush hour and that obtained by a horse-drawn carriage back during Imperial times, a mere 20 kilometers per hour in both cases.

The intervention appropriated the city’s newest architectural landmark in order to decry the transformation of the urban landscape and create a new way of looking at the city.

During the exhibition it occurred to me to challenge Ingo Hoffmann—Brazil’s leading Stock Car driver—to an unusual race.

I rode a horse-drawn carriage down the bicycle lane along the riverside while he drove a racing car up on the expressway. The result was a draw. For me, there can be no more fitting symbol of mobility on the streets of São Paulo than a horse-drawn carriage.

Technical specification

ron, wood, resin, car paint, mannequin and leather
2.50 x 10 x 3 m

São Paulo, 2012

Photo: Rogério Canella