Jaguar Drinking Water

The urban intervention Hora da Onça Beber Água (JaguarDrinking Water) consisted of two oversized inflatable jaguars alluding to one of the most beloved species of Brazilian fauna which is now in danger of extinction.

The work occupied the bank of the Pinheiros river opposite the main train station and was seen by thousands of people daily during the exhibition As Margens do Rio Pinheiros.

The current water crisis in the Brazilian Southeast and extreme pollution of the Pinheiros River figures in the symbolic context of the sculptures and their representation in the landscape of the city. It is important to celebrate the ecological diversity that the existence of the jaguar embodies for Brazil and the world.

In 2016, the sculptures were in the Andes Cordillera, in Argentina.

In 2017, a sculpture is exhibited until July in Geneva (Switzerland) at the ACQUA exhibition organized by Art For The World.

Technical specification

Inflatable and artistic painting
10 x 4 x 2 meters each

Pinheiros River
São Paulo, 2014

Photo: Kana Filmes

Andes Mountain
Argentina, 2016

In 2016, sculptures named Yaguaretes were installed in the monumental landscape of the Andes in the Land Art context creating a surreal scene that accompanies the free spirit of urban intervention, without losing their critical connotation of extinction in all applied directions to term: the existence of the species, human migration crisis, and the complex relationship of values between humans and nature.