The urban intervention Portal (Gateway) was installed at the mouth of the Uberaba and Jaguaré streams which get their names from the Tupi-Guarani indigenous language of the first inhabitants of the region of São Paulo. Uberaba means “crystal clear waters” and Jaguaré, “where the jaguar inhabits”. Today, the identity of the old streams that flowed into the Pinheiros River are markers of the city's unplanned urbanization and the distorted relationship between the various spaces of the metropolis.

The most striking feature of this work may be the fact that all the elements used in the composition of the work came from São Paulo’s Samba and Carnival places. Portal appropriates existing objects and re-introduces them into the distant public of the festive atmosphere of Carnival, exposing the tragic story of vital river streams that are now buried under asphalt.

Technical specification

Sculptures in fiber, Styrofoam and artistic painting
10 x 6 x 2 meters each

"The banks of Pinheiros River" Exhibition
Pinheiros River
São Paulo, 2014