“Sir, stay calm. That guy that you see there is a doll."

This is how the military police reassured the passerby and drivers witnessing the urban intervention Trampolim (trampoline), installed on several bridges crossing the very polluted Pinheiros river on September 19 - World Day of Water Cleaning.

The work consists of realistic looking figures positioned at the tip of blue planks alluding to the public’s inability to dive or swim in the Pinheiros River due to excessive contamination.

The city's response was immediate: 300 calls to the Fire Department, countless “selfies” and large numbers of posts on social networks. One of the sculptures took a revolver shot and another had its head severed. All of these interferences became part of the art work.

Video by Kana Films

Technical specification

Sculptures and artistic painting various sizes

Pinheiros River
São Paulo, 2014

Photo: Kana Filmes

Photo: Kana Filmes