Ibyra Uguy

The intervention consisting of a two-ton tree trunk, chainsaws and red resin brought to light the recent environmental tragedies in the country and carried as a source of inspiration the image of Santinho de São Sebastião with arrows and the installation “Desvio para o Vermelho”, by Cildo Meireles. Also during the creative process, I invited nature photographer Araquém Alcântara who reproduced the image from the series “Post-burning on the Transamerica highway”, a work done in Altamira, Pará in 2010. The photo in black and white depicted a devastated landscape and was installed on the glass facade, enhancing the installation that meant “Tree that Bleeds” in the Tupi-Guarani language.

At the launch of the exhibition, I defined the concept of the work: “Exposing a crippled tree, bleeding, with chainsaws stuck in its body says a lot about the current moment. Brazil, which bears a tree in its name, does not deserve this greatness. We Brazilians are silent on the destruction of our most precious asset: natural wealth.” The tree used in the work was removed from a residence for presenting a risk to the property, inspected and greeted by an environmental company with the authorization of the city hall.